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The Independent Network

If your Network does not offer on-line documentation services, The Independent Network may be just what you have been looking for. Whether your desire is to more efficiently meet professional practice standards for documentation and share the work of the Lord through your ministry, this site will meet your needs.

Use of The Independent Network is accomplished through a subscription to the site and services.

Benefits of Subscription to Individual Faith Community (Parish) Nurses and Health Ministry Teams Include:  

  • Quick, reliable on-line documentation of individual and group contacts using forms and systems developed and tested by over 100 parish nurses and health ministry team members
  • Ability to print individual forms
  • A confidential patient numbering system
  • Reports of cumulative activities for any time frame specified.
  • Reports filtered by criteria you select such as visit type, spiritual/emotional/relational issue type, disease type, age category, and so on.
  • Use data to help evaluate and guide your ministry goals and efforts
  • Use of NANDA, NIC, and NOC

We encourage you to try this service for a year. See if you don’t have the same positive experience that others are having. They are saving time in documentation, guiding their practice decisions by the data they gather, confidently reporting the results of their activities to leaders in their congregations and in the community.

Your data will be accumulated with others in the Independent Network as well as with others from your denomination from across the country. This allows you to impact the art and science of parish nursing/health ministry nationally!

Join today for just $149.00* per year (up to three users per congregation). This might be:  

  • A gift from your mission or women's group. 
  • A budgeted item necessary to assist you in your work.
  • A benefit of Network membership.
  • The object of a grant from a community or denominational funder. 

Please send your email to Sharifa Alcendor at


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